Quick Update 09/28/2015

My INR, despite misbehaving briefly, is back in range (as far as I know — next check is this Thursday). I am managing my diet extra carefully to (a) ensure my INR stays in range and (b) to lose some of the weight I accidentally gained recently thanks to too much (fast) food and not enough sleep, which actually takes us right back to (a), since weight can affect INR. Sigh.

In slightly more important news, I’ve been working some more on the site. You may (or may not) have noticed that many of the images have changed. I’m working on replacing as much stock photography as I can with my own stuff. It’s more interesting than using overly familiar stock images, not to mention it’s more personal. Also, I updated the Helpful Links section and added a couple of songs to the recent Heart Beats: A Playlist post. My next post is set for publication next week and will be in keeping with the spirit of October and Halloween. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Quick Update 09/28/2015

  1. Hi Kim. Glad things are back in order. The junk food will wreck havoc with all of us, but especially you. Back to carrots or celery or whatever. I will need that after our vacation. Love reading your blog as always.


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