Two Year Anniversary

It’s been exactly two years since my heart was torn open and then stitched back together again—and I’m still here.

No, I haven’t been posting much lately because, yes, life has gotten a bit more complicated, a bit more colorful, since the last time I wrote for this blog. So many things have changed in so short a time—I have a new job, new medications, and new ideas about my place in the world and where I’m going next.

As an editor for a wonderful thought leadership marketing company, I’ve learned more about the art and science of wordsmithery and personal organization than years of working solo could possibly have taught me. I’ve also learned to respect my own limitations—too much stress causes my heart to palpitate, and too much computer time exacerbates my migraines—and to always, always take a break when one is needed. After an especially severe bout of migraine attacks, I switched medications, trading metoprolol for propranolol and taking Imitrex instead of extra-strength Tylenol whenever a migraine hits.

I also adopted a new system for organizing my long-term goals, inspired by posts like this Personal Excellence article and this post by Chris Guillebeau, in the hopes of staying more consistently motivated and achieving more than ever this year in terms of both my professional and personal dreams. If all goes well, I’ll be traveling to new places near and far, getting more active and more fit (mentally and physically), and—perhaps most exciting of all—becoming more financially stable and independent. To top it all off, I’ll be seeing Riverdance on stage tonight for the first time! There’s a lot to look forward to, and I’ve never been more grateful for it.

Stock photo courtesy of UnsplashWhile, regrettably, I won’t be checking in here regularly as I used to (I’ve come to the difficult decision that my efforts and energy are better spent elsewhere from here on out), this blog will remain available for as long as I can make it so. It may even become the basis for an e-book project I’m considering taking on later this year. I may also check in from time to time, for anniversaries and should anything drastic (and relevant) change.

Whatever the future holds for you, me, or this blog, know that whoever you are, you are not alone. Please feel free to contact me, should you need reminding. In the meantime, I wish you fair winds, full sails, blue skies, and a happy heart for as many days as any of us could ask for. Be well, be good, and stay strong.

One thought on “Two Year Anniversary

  1. What a wonderful anniversary to celebrate! You have survived a lot and grown a lot. You are such an inspiration. We couldn’t be happier for you. Love you very much. Sam and Faye

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