Quick Update 09/08/2015

Good news! After reviewing the results of my CT scan last Friday, my cardiologist found: nothing. The repairs in my aorta and root are holding up well, and the valve remains well-integrated and is functioning just fine. I was so relieved when I got the call I actually started crying a bit on the phone — in my defense, last week was a long week and I was running on low sleep and high stress at that point. Needless to say I made the most of this Labor Day weekend and relaxed as much as possible.

As for the site, you’ll notice I’ve added Helpful Links to the navigation menu — this page lists links to external resources with information relevant to the contents of Tick Tock Ticker, including bicuspid aortic valve disease, aortic valve replacement surgery, support groups, blogs run by fellow heart patients, and more. Check it out, and stay tuned for more additions to the site (including tomorrow’s post on a particular, peculiar unexpected side effect of heart surgery) coming soon!

Test Anxiety

Test Anxiety

I’ve got my first post-surgery CT scan coming up soon and, honestly, I’m a bit nervous. Not because of the scan itself; it’s a quick and painless enough procedure, though the blood work is annoying. So far I haven’t had any serious complications, but I can’t help worrying: what if they find something?
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